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Projector Blog: Flipping the projectoed image upside down for ceiling installation


How to turn the projected image around from being upside down when you instal your projector on the ceiling:

Projectors are designed to be installed on a ceiling upside down. this allows the projector to project slightly downward for comfortable viewing and is the optimal way to install 99% of projectors. Once upside down it is a menu option to trun the picture the right way up. It is failry easy to find with most projector brands as the menu has around 5 menu page to look through Below we have a picture of the Epson and Optoma menu from one projector which should make it easier to locate.

Turning an Epson projector image upsude down when installed on the ceiling

  1. On the remote click "menu"
  2. Select "Extended"
  3. select "Projection"
  4. Change "FRONT" to "FRONT CEILING":

Epson Projector Menu


To turn an Optoma projector image upside down for ceiling installation

  1. On the remote open the "Menu"
  2. Scroll right to "Setup" (screw driver and wrench logo)
  3. select projection
  4. change thei to "FRONT CEILING"

Epson Projector Menu
Epson Projector Menu


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