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Is your image cutting out or going black randomly? Is it occuring mainly when watching 4K content? 4K is a very high resolution and sometimes users can run into trouble when displaying it. This article discusses the possible causes and solutions; hopefully geting you up and running again quickly.
Such a common question we receive. What is a short throw projector, and should I use one?
Installing your new home theatre projector on the ceiling can seem daunting and expensive, with a little DIY it doesn't have to be.
As projectors are video devices, rather than audio, it can sometimes be confusing on how you should connect up your sound system. In some situations you can plug your speaker directly into the projector, in others you are best to just send the video signal to the projector and wire up audio separately.
Projectors generally do not feature inbuilt tuners like a typical TV. There are still many ways to enjoy TV broadcast on your new projector though.
What is throw distance? What is a throw ratio? Here we discuss all you need to know about 'throw' and learn how to calculate the distance your new projector needs to be placed to fill a specific screen size.
Having trouble getting your projector to display from your laptop? This can be a frustrating situation but luckily in most situations it is an easy fix.
Here we discuss Epsons iProjection App and how to project select images wirelessly from an iPad/iPhone to your projector.
All the major pros and cons of projectors and televisions.
Projectors typically hang upside down when installed on the ceiling. This initially will result in your image appearing the wrong way round, obviously not an ideal way to enjoy a movie. Here we show how to locate the settings in an Optoma and Epson projector to correctly flip your image around the right way.
Outdoor projection has increased significantly in popularity in recent years. With prices dropping and technology improving you can now enjoy a pretty amazing outdoor cinema experience in your own backyard without breaking the bank. Check out our blog with information on what to consider when purchasing your new outdoor projector.
A simple discussion on the best ways to watch the latest streaming services (such as Netflix, Stan, Prime, Disney+,) on your new projector.