Just Projectors Buyers Guides

buyers guides
Too many options? A bit overwhelmed? We get it!

Our experts have written up detailed buyers guides to help you make the right choice. All of our buyers guides include the key projector specifications you should be looking at as well as a short list of recommendations we feel offer superior value, reliability, and performance.

Home Theatre

Everything Home. From Dedicated Home Theatre projectors through to lounge-room and personal entertainment models.

Our Home Theatre guide is not just about your fancy high-end theatre room, it emcompasses everything including projectors suitable for a brighter loungeroom, garage,or even a small bedroom!

Home Theatre Projectors Guide


Projectors for the classroom, school halls, lecture theatres and more!

We know it's not feasible to turn off the classroom lights everytime you need to use a projector. In this guide we tend to recommend bright projectors that can be used with ambient light. We also focus on models featuring resolutions that ensure crisp detail for easy reading

Education Projectors Guide


Projectors for meeting rooms right through to large conference rooms.

From portable projectors through to large venue laser projectors for convention areas, this guide covers it all.

Business Projectors Guide


Projectors perfect for use in all kinds of Houses of Worship including Churches, Temples, Synagogues, and Mosques.

These units are suitable for larger image sizes and tend to be brighter to compete with natural light that can feature in many Houses of Worship.

Church Projectors Guide

Laser Projectors

Everything you need to know about Laser projectors, from home to business use.

Laser projectors use a laser lightsource rather than a typical mercury based lamp. The laser light does not need replacing so is popular for high use applications.

Laser Projectors Guide

LED Projectors

Everything you need to know about LED projectors. Covering home, business, and mini projectors.

An LED projector is simply a projector that uses an LED lightsource rather than a typical lamp. The LED light usually does not need replacing like a lamp so can be cheaper to operate in the long run. There is also a selection of personal entertainment and camping projectors on the market that use an LED lightsource.

LED Projectors Guide


Fancy your very own outdoor theatre?

Whilst projectors cannot compete with sunlight, when the sun goes down you can achieve amazing results. The projectors we recommend here are usually a little brighter than most and almost always will have a FULL HD or 4K resolution. The brightness you will need will depend on the image size you wish to project

Outdoor Projectors Guide

Pubs and Clubs

Projectors + Hospo = smile

Projectors have always been popular in Hospitality venues and now with the release of Laser projectors they are cheaper than ever before to operate!

Pubs and Clubs Projectors Guide

4K Projectors

4K projectors are here and well priced!

The next level in detail. Four times the resolution of FULL HD. 4K (or UHD) projectors are more affordable than ever before. Upgrade your home or business with a new 4K projector now!

4K Projectors Guide

Golf Simulator Projectors

Take your game to the next level with your very own golf simulator at home!

Projectors are cheaper than ever and with some basic planning you could set an awesome golf simulator in your garage or loungeroom. Get some extra practice in on rainy days or have your mates over for some golfing fun at home. This guide runs through all the basics you need to know as well as lists some projectors we recommend for golf simulators at home.

Golf Sim Projectors Guide