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MP721 Reviews:  

" The image was very good. We found it to be great for both powerpoint presentations, and with movies. The resolution is XGA so even with detailed presentation and larger screen sizes it gives you a nice picture. We also consider this one to be a good multipurpose unit as the colour and contrast are fairly decent. Though you do get a better result with a home theatre unit the MP721 and MP721c can handle a lot more light than a home theatre unit can so if your restricted by the room lighting this is a good choice. "

Powerful performance
With 2500 ANSI lumens and a 2000:1 contrast ratio, the MP721 projector is at the top of its range. And despite this powerful performance, there's still a 4000 hrs lamp life on eco mode, giving you huge amounts of time for both business and leisure activities.

Key Features
2500 ANSI Lumens
XGA Native Resolution
2000:1 High Contrast Ratio
Golden Ratio Colour Wheel (5 Segments)
HDTV Compatible (480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i)
24db Whisper Quiet Operation
4000 Hours Lamp Life (Eco. mode)
6 lbs Light Weight

sRGB colors are always consistent among different display devices!
sRGB (Standard Red, Green and Blue) was developed to ensure standard, uniform reproduction of color coordinates regardless of the display device used. By meeting sRGB guidelines, color profiles of your projected images remain consistent with the original image.

Unique Color Matching Technology
BenQ's Color Matching technology provides faithful image color reproduction by employing the new generation Golden Ratio Color Wheel.  The Golden Ratio Color Wheel balances true color saturation and maximizes color accuracy. The Advanced Color Wheel coating technology enlarges the color gamut delivering even better color saturation; and the Optimized Gamma Adjustment ensures colors are projected honestly with the original input signal.
In the other words, there are no limitations when using the MP721.  The MP721 captures rich, true-to-life spectrums for greater visual satisfaction and enjoyment.

Perfect presentations made simple
The MP721 not only gives picture-perfect presentations, but it doesn't force you to jump through hoops to do it. In fact, it makes it positively easy. 

Panel Key Lock
There are few things as annoying as accidentally hitting a control button on a projector and derailing your presentation. To keep each and every presentation glitch-free, BenQ has fitted the MP721 with a panel key lock to prevent just such annoyances.

Helpful Alerts
The MP721 provides a discreet alert that lets you know when the projector has powered on before a presentation or finished cooling afterwards, so you can stay engaged with your audience without needing to look at visual indicators.

On-Screen Timer
You and your audience will appreciate the built-in timer that helps keep your presentations at the right pace. An unobtrusive on-screen timer lets you keep track of how much time you have remaining, while your audience is freed from wondering where you are in your presentation so they can concentrate on you and the content you're presenting instead.

Smart enough to turn itself off
When you're counting on a presentation to clinch a deal or win over a new client, the last thing you need is a projector that you can't depend on to perform to expectations. With the MP721, you can rest easy and concentrate on delivering the presentation.

Quiet Operation
The MP721's efficient ventilation design effectively removes heat from internal components with the cooling fan spinning slower and thus more quietly. In fact, the MP721 runs at just 24dB in its power-saving mode, ensuring your audience won't be distracted by annoying noise during your presentation.

Durable Design
The MP721 is designed to perform reliably even in adverse environments, such as high altitudes. Its special operating modes automatically adjust cooling fan speeds and other parameters to ensure optimal operation wherever you happen to be giving your presentation.

Handy Customisation
The MyScreen software utility makes it quick and easy to create a custom start-up screen to impress your audience, such as your company's logo or a photo. Simply connect the MP721 to your PC with a common RS-232 cable, and then let MyScreen guide you through the process.

Auto Shutdown
A smart auto-off feature shuts the projector down when no input sources are detected after a preset interval. This feature not only conserves power, but also prevents possible overheating.



Native Resolution
XGA (1024X768)
Projection System
DLP R by Texas Instruments
2500 ANSI Lumen
200W, 3000/4000hours (Normal/Economic mode)
Contrast Ratio
2.67 kg (5.9 lbs)
Noise Level
<28/24 dB (normal / economic mode)
Resolution Support
640 x 350 to 1280 x 1024
10.9x 3.7 x 8.7inches (278 x 94 x 219.5 mm)
Image Size
31" to 300"
Keystone Vertical + - 40 degrees
Throw Ratio
54"@2m (55"@6.6 feet)
Zoom Ratio
Manual Zoom, 1.15:1
F=2.6 to 2.77, f=20.4 to 23.5 mm
Display Colors
Full 16.7 million color palette
Aspect Ratio
4:3/16:9 screen selectable
Horizontal Frequency
31 ~ 82 kHz
Vertical Scan Rate
48 ~ 85Hz
Projection Position
Front/Rear, Table/Ceiling
Input Terminals
PC Analog RGB: D-sub 15 pin x 1(shared) A/V Component Video: D-sub 15 pin x 1(shared) S-Video: Mini Din 4 pin x 1 Composite Video: RCA x 1 Audio PC audio: Stereo mini jack x 1(shared) Video L/R audio: Stereo mini jack x 1(shared), DVI
Output Terminals
Analog RGB: D-sub 15 pin x 1
2 Watt Speaker x 1
Video Compatibility
Auto Switching Power Supply
100 to 240 V AC, 50 to 60 Hz
Power Consumption
285W (max)
On-Screen Display Language
English/ French/ German/ Italian/ Spanish/ Russian/ Traditional Chinese/ Simplified Chinese/ Japanese/ Korean/ Swedish/ Dutch/ Turkish/ Czech/ Portuguese / Thai/ Polish
Preset Modes / Application Modes

PC Input :
Brightest mode                                                             
Presentation mode
sRGB/Photo mode
Gaming mode
Video mode  

A/V Input :
Movie mode
Cinema mode
Gaming mode
Photo mode

Power on/off tone Presentation timer Panel key lock Auto adjustment Freeze Blank (ECO mode) Auto off Quick cooling Resolution reminder Blackboard mode Security password Mute Auto source detection HDTV compatible Macintosh® Compatible "Mode" hot key "Q?"hot key for FAQ MyScreen(optional)
Accessories (included)
User's manual Quick start uide CD manual Remote control Battery for R/C Soft carry case VGA cable PWR cord
Supplied Accessories
Carry Bag
Rear Panel

Optional Accessories  

Extended Warranty
All Programs come with:
- United ID Sticker (must be attached to product)
- United Certificate with Terms & Conditions

Program Coverage:
- LCD & DMD pixels are covered only as per original manufacturer's pixel terms & conditions
- Does not cover Cords, Power Adapter
- Does not cover consumable items such as projector globes
+ 3 Year On-Site Extended Warranty (up to 5 years total) $189
+ 2 Year On-Site Extended Warranty $139
+ 1 Year On-Site Extended Warranty $110

Bonus Projector screen Only available with purchase of a projector

Your Price:

Insured Delivery: $6extra
Pick Up Avail.

84inch 4:3 White Pull Down screen
- High quality Matt white screen material with black border Ceiling or wall mountable
- Easy Install Gloss white casing
- 1650mm x 1220mm (WxH) Image
- Case length 1790mm

Premium VGA Monitor Cable (15HDM/15HDM)

5 metres
10 metres
15 metres
20 metres
30 metres

Aus Wide Delivery: $15

Heavily shielded coaxial RGB cable giving you a crisper display at higher resolutions!

. Features UL Approved Cabling
. Filters included on both ends cutting down on noise
. Maintains stronger signals using a shielded cabling run.
. Comes in 15pin D-sub format with Male to Male conectors
Click for more cables

DVI-A to VGA Adaptor

Your Price:

Insured Delivery: $13
Pick Up Avail.

Attach a notebook or any equipment with a 15pin D-sub into a DVI-I port.

Viewsonic WPG-350 Wireless Presentation Gateway

Your Price:

Pick Up Avail.

[More Info]

- Upgrade any Projector To Wireless
- Fully compatible with both Windows and Mac® OS
- Supports resolutions up to 1024x768 and full-motion video up to 1080p
- Presentation remote for total conference control
- Equipped with VGA pass-through for an extra display

BenQ D-SUB VGA - HDTV Component Video Adapter Cable

Your Price:

Insured Delivery: $13
Pick Up Avail.

- 15 pin D-sub to Component Cable.
- Connect to a HDTV Set Top box, DVD player, or games console
- Converts to Component inputs for a higher quality picture.
- Works in conjuction with Benq projectors.

Grandview Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

Your Price:

Insured Delivery: $16
Pick Up Avail.

[More Info]

-Direct to ceiling mount
-Suits most projectors with 3 or 4 mounting holes

Grandview GVMBE & GVMWE Extension Pole for Grandview Mount.

Your Price:

Insured Delivery: $16
Pick Up Avail.

[More Info]

- Suites the above Grandview projector mount
- Offers either a 500 or 1000mm drop.
- Available in white, silver and black

- (extension pole only, can only be used with above Hang It Ceiling mount)

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