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Optoma HD33 DLP Full HD 3D Home Theatre Projector



3 Year Warranty
Home Theatre

Full HD



Optoma HD33 Reviews:

Ease Of Use

"The Optoma HD33 is a projector of firsts. It is Optoma's first 1080p 3D projector. Previously, the company has made a number of 720p DLP Link 3D projectors meant to be used with PCs, but this is their first foray into HDMI 1.4 compatible 3D. It is also the first 1080p 3D projector under $3000. Other 1080p 3D projectors start at $3499 and go up from there. Finally, it is the first 3D projector to our knowledge to use RF glasses technology, eliminating concerns about line of sight and screen bounce.

The HD33 shares a lot in common with the older HD20. Both significantly altered the market upon release. Before the HD20, no one had ever seen 1080p under $1000. Before the HD33, no one had ever seen 3D 1080p under $3000. Beyond that, though, the two projectors share the same smooth, natural picture that videophiles enjoy so much. Perhaps most importantly, both projectors offer performance disproportionate with the price. When you are looking for a high-quality 3D projector and want the absolute best value for your money, the HD33 is exactly what you've been looking for."

"2D performance we found to be very good. Colouring was vibrant and contrast levels respectable. the picture is bright and the projector can handle a lit room fairly well even though the brightness is not as high as some of the LCD rivals. 3D performance was quite good as well but we would look towards a dim room for the 3D use as the brightness does drop fairly considerably.

But for the price this is a great unit. "

  • Brightest 3D projector we've reviewed to date, and the first that has reasonable brightness on an average sized and surfaced screen
  • With about 1000 lumens in best mode, easily handles large screens for 2D
  • Good overall color
  • Skin tones are pretty good, skin tones in darker scenes do have a bit too much red
  • Respectable shadow detail
  • Edge Masking and Vertical digital image shift
  • HDMI 1.4a inputs (2) allows for support for Blu-ray 3D content
  • Optional 3D glasses use RF emitter for better reliability no line of sight requirement
  • Dynamic features including PURE Detail, PURE Motion (CFI) and PURE Color (think Brilliant Color)
  • Lamp Life is better than average, long term cost of ownership is very good
  • Physically attractive, sculpted lines
  • Very good menu layout

The greatest 3D home cinema experience!
Why use a projector for 3D?

It is a widely accepted fact that the bigger the image, the greater the 3D effect - for the best results it is essential to filly our field of vision, without having to be too close to the screen . Even a huge 50” TV can only create a window on the 3D world, where as the immersion & excitement created by a massive 150” projection screen makes you feel like you are part of the action!
Due to the inherent drop in image brightness using any active 3D glasses, maximising light output is a top priority for 3D displays. This is why we have developed “PureD” – an automated system of advanced image processing and dynamic lamp modes that enhance your viewing; providing a 3D experience akin to existing 2D projectors; without you lifting a finger – Just sit back and enjoy the show!

3D Full HD 3D Technology
HD33 now supports HDMI 1.4a 3D playback, including 3D 1080P Blu-Ray, 3D gaming consoles like PS3, XBOX360 native 3D games, and 3D broadcasting signal, just connect Full HD 3D player directly to HD83 via HDMI, you can instantly become part of a fantastically immersive experience at home.
* For 3D Viewing you will need:
- 3D source (e.g. Bluray player)
- 3D content (e.g. 3D Bluray movie)
- Optoma 3D glasses & Emitter
- HDMI 1.4 Cable
HD83 3D

Latest DLP® technology
The latest DarkChip3 technology from Texas Instruments ensures an invisible pixel structure from normal viewing distances and provides the highest ANSI contrast ratios avaliable.

ISF ISFccc Certified
Certified by ISF with ISFccc standard, for better adjustment of brightness, contrast ratio, color saturation, sharpness.
Vesa VESA 3D
Complied with VESA's 3D standard, the VESA 3D connector allows the projector to view 3D with all VESA 3D standard 3D glasses.

Industry leading ANSI contrast for incredible images
ANSI Contrast is a way of measuring the true "real world" contrast performance you can expect from a projector. With an ANSI ratio significantly higher than many LCD, LCOS, or SXRD based projectors, the HD33 is the only choice for Home Cinema purists that expect the ultimate image fedelity in their home.໡

PureEngine™, the finest colloection of signal processing technology
Pure technologies included in the HD33: PureMotion, Pureshift, PureColor and PureDetail.

PureMotion II
ensures you see all the detail in fast moving sequences.

provides vivid, perfectly balanced color with impeccable color uniformity for vibrant looking images.

ensures all information contained in an image is faithfully reporducted on the screen giving a stunning crystal clear, pin sharp picture.

High Brightness Full HD 3D Projector
HD33 is equipped with higher brightess than same class projectors. Which will bring better contrast ratio, and making 3D more vivid.

Five Year Color Guarantee
For Home Cinema color accuracy is critical. We are so confident that the HD33 color will not change in use that we have guaranteed it will remain vibrant and vivid for at least 5 years.

Extensive connector options
Multiple input / output options allow a wide variety of source signals to be connected to HD33


HD83 3D Projector

Requirements for 3D Playback:

3D Logo

3D Hometheatre


Display Tech. 0.65 inch / 1080p DMD from Texas Instruments
Resolution 1920x1080 (Native support 1080i/p, and 1080p24)
Brightness (typical) 1,800 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio 10,000:1(Max) (ANSI Contrast 500:1)
Projection Lens f=22.41~26.82 mm, F/2.55~2.87; 1.2 X manual zoom / focus lens.
Projection Image Size 37.6 ~ 301 inches
Projection Distance 1.5m ~ 10m
Throw Ratio 1.5 ~ 1.8 :1(Projection distance/width)
Keystone Correction Vertical ± 5 degrees
Aspect Ratio 16:9, 4 :3, LBX, Native
Video Compatibility HDTV(480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i/p), 480i, 576i, Full NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM, HDMI(480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i/p), Computer capability up to UXGA(1600x1200)
Input / Output Connections HDMI x2 (support HDMI 1.4a 3D format)
VGA x1
Component x1
Composite Video x1
RS-232 x1
Mini USB for Service x1
VESA 3D Port x1
+12V Trigger x1
Uniformity 90 %
Lamp Type 230-watt user replaceable lamp
Estimated lamp life 4000 hours (STD mode) 2500 hours (Britemodeä)
Noise Level 25 dB(Min)
Power Supply Universal AC 100~220 volts 50 / 60Hz
Weight 4.5kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 38.9 x 31.9 x 12.9 cm
3D Support HDMI1.4a
1920x1080p @ 24Hz Frame packing
1920x1080p @ 24Hz Top-and-Bottom
1280x720p @ 50Hz / 60Hz Top-and-Bottom
1280x720p @ 50Hz /60hz Frame packing
1920x1080i @ 50Hz/60Hz Side-by-Side

HDMI 1.3
1920x1080i@50/60 Hz side by side / Top-and-bottom

Supplied Accessories
Rear Panel

EH1060 Rear


Optional Accessories

Universal Flush Projector Ceiling Mount FB-1 *Recommended*
Your Price:

[Order Now]


Projector Mount

Available in BLACK (FB-1B) and WHITE (FB-1W)
• Swivel: 360°, Adjustable roll, pitch and yaw.
• Rigid Steel construction.
• Durable powder-coated finish (Black or White).
• Supports up to 10kgs.
• Mounting hardware included.
• User manual included.
• All bracket models come standard with 4 x mounting arms.

- Direct to ceiling mount (150mm)
- Suits most projectors with 3 or 4 holes

Lindy Premium Gold AV Cable - Component

5 Metres
10 Metres
15 Metres
20 Metres

[Order Now]

Premium quality AV cable for home theatre interconnects!

High quality interconnect cable with 3 RCA colour coded plugs each end. Designed to connect any source with component level RGB outputs to projectors, TVs or other display devices.

- 3 x RCA Male to 3 x RCA Male
- 24K gold plated connectors
- 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper
- Low loss "LPDE" dialectric
- Aluminium screening foil
- Cable colour: Blue
- 25 year warranty


HDMI Cable

Premium HDMI 1.4 Digital AV Cable - For 3D Projectors

2 Metres
5 Metres
7.5 Metres
10 Metres
15 Metres
20 Metres

[Order Now]

High Speed HDMI cable is ideal for use with your Foxtel IQ2, PS3, Blu-Ray, HDTV and home theatre installations. It‘s an affordable, quality cable which features 24K gold plated contacts for optimal conductive ability and resistance to tarnishing and corrosion.

  • High Speed HDMI 1.4 CAT2 cable
  • Bandwidth: 340MHz / 10.2Gbps
  • ATC (Authorised Test Centre) certified for high speed
  • Supports resolutions up to WQXGA (2560 x 1600p) and Quad Full-HD (3840 x 2160p)
  • Supports all 3D formats
  • Deep Colour, x.v.Color™ and xvYCC compatible
  • Shielded cable construction for optimum RF and EMI protection
  • Low profile design, ideal for recessed connectors
  • 10 year warranty
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