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Projector Blog: Thoughts, instructions & general information:

Connecting free to air television to your projector - 6th February 2017

Although many projectors are used for gaming and movies sometimes it is fun to watch some sport or even the weather forecast on the big screen. Most projectors do not have a TV tuner inbuilt as they are mostly installed on the ceiling this would involve quite a lot of unnecessary cabling.

The best way to get TV on the big screen is to grab an inexpensive settop box at a local retailer. Some will even allow you to record TV. This will plug into the coax antenna port in the wall. You can then run a HDMI cable to an amplifier which will distribute the audio to the speakers and the video to the projector (via a HDMI cable).
Without an amp you could connect the settop box to some speakers via an audio out (usually optical) and then separately to the projector for video via HDMI.

Projector Settop Box TV Tuner


Getting audio to and from a Projector - 24 January 2017

A very common question which comes up again and again:
"How do i get the audio to the projector (usually ceiling mounted) then back down to the amplifier?"

The best way to wire up the home theatre is definitely through an amp. But sometimes people get a bit mixed up with the order they should cable things up. From the source e.g. bluray player/media player etc it is best to run a HDMI cable to the amp. The amp will separate the audio to the speakers that it is powering then will have a HDMI output to go to the projector.

Some of the benefits:

- Send multiple sources to the projector with one HDMI Cable.
- Easily switch between the different sources
- High quality digital audio without sound delay

Projector Wiring Diagram

Installing a projector on a budget - 20 January 2017

The very best way to save a bit of money on your home theatre is to spend a little bit of time planning and DIY as much as possible. After moving and spending a heap on the projector, screen and speakers the budget was quite tight so having an AV installer to do the whole job was not an option. Organising trades, arranging HDMI plates or ceiling mounts all adds to their work so it will add to the final bill.

The solution; to source as much of the materials and equipment and have a local electrician run a new power point. To get started i measured the distance for the projector and selected the right size of screen and the length of the HDMI cable plus a little bit for wiggle room.

- Epson EH-TW8300 Projector
- Epson Ceiling mount
- 10M HDMI Cable
- 2x 2M HDMI Cables (to go to the projector and to the amp from the wall plates)
- 2x HDMI Wall Plates
- 112" Grandview Fixed screen
- Yamaha Amplifier & Speakers

Being a two storey house there was no access so the plaster board had to be cut to run the power and HDMI cables to the back of the room. The electrical work cost $230, being fairly handy i opted to skip getting a plasterer and after a bit of youtubing replaced the cut out squares then covered them with putty. After sanding and a lick of ceiling paint plus some screws to fix the ceiling mount the installation side of things cost under $300.

Projector Wiring Diagram

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