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Grandview Pull Up Screen

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A unique portable presentation screen.  Designed to be easy to use, and suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Delivery: $29 Australia Wide
Includes free freight insurance!

Portable Pull-Up Screen Series

Fabric Features

  • Last-long Flatness
    With four layer structure including Fiberglass, Stretchness less than 1% which ensures the last-long flatness
  • Sophisticated Images
    Engraved with optical microgroove on the surface, with resolution more than 125 line pairs per mm, which ensures the sharpness of the projected images
  • Color Accuracy
    The reflection light are evenly distributed with less than 60K difference between incident angle and reflection angle
  • Wide Color Range
    With high contrast processment, while maintaining the color accuracy and color range is widely presented to provided a more vivid image

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Interlock

The design of the intelligent interlock ensures that the screen is fully secured during use and transportation. When the support bar is lifted, the case is automatically unlocked allowing the screen to be pulled up. When the screen is retracted back in the casing and the support bar is down, the case will automatically be locked. This innovative safety feature is easy to use and standard for all sizes.

Hang with lock structure

The top cap with handle is a hang with lock structure, the screen can be easily pulled up and taken down with it, as a hang part set close to the support bar while pulling up, will be locked with the casing as the screen has been taken back.

Grandview adjustable feet

Level Adjustment Knob

During use, two support legs which are otherwise hidden conveniently slide out from under the casing. The support legs come with height adjustable floor stands for use on uneven surfaces. For additional vertical stability, the support bar comes with an additional height adjustable floor stand.

Grandview adjustable feet

Weaved Fiberglass of the matte white fabric
The weaved Fiberglass layer of the fabric is used as a backing or backbone of the entire screen structure. With this layer the screens have a stretching rate of less than 1% and a much longer life span than ordinary meterials. The fiberglass backing prevents wringling or waves due to changes in temperature, humidity or drag foces.

Projection Surface of the matte white fabric
The treated and specially designed surface layer of the fabric ensures vivid and dynamic reflections. the microdots and materials used help create images that are high in contrast and yet rich in colour.

Grandview Delux Pull Down

Grandviews Screen Fabric

Package & Save
Buying a new projector and screen? Ask for a package discount!

What we Say
In comparison to the traditional 'tripod' screens, these new pull up screens have certaintly made their mark with a much simplier set up/pack down. As the entire unit folds down into a casing it makes it very easy to transport without worrying about the old 'tripod' legs sticking out or getting in the way.

Pull Up screen

Buy Now:

Code Aspect Diagonal Image (mm) Weight Price  
GRUA060V 4:3 60" 1220x910 4.5kg $399
GRUA080V 4:3 80" 1630x1220 6.0kg $449
GRUA100V 4:3 100" 2030x1520 7.0kg $639
GRUB060H 16:9 60" 1330x745 4.5kg $449
GRUB080H 16:9 80" 1770x995 6.0kg $549


Grandview Pull Up Screen Specifications

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