Just Projectors Gift Voucher

Can't decide on the right projector for your loved one?
Get them a Just Projectors Gift Voucher instead!

Gift vouchers are delivered right to your email in PDF format. You can email it to the receiver or easily print it out to include in a greeting card.
The Vouchers have no additional processing fees, just pay the value of the voucher.

Receivers Name: (This will appear on voucher)

Email: (where the voucher will be sent, can be yours or the gift recipient)

Message (Best to write gifters name in the message too, such as: "Happy Birthday, love Sally":

Once your order has been placed our staff will create your voucher and email it to you. Please be aware this is not an immediate process. Our staff work 9-5pm (EST) weekdays. During business hours Gift Vouchers are normally emailed within 1-2 hours from order. If you order on a weekend you may not receive your voucher until Monday morning.

Gift Voucher FAQ

  1. How long are Just Projectors Gift Vouchers valid for?
    Gift vouchers are valid for 3 years from date of purchase.
  2. How are vouchers sent to me?
    We email our vouchers as a PDF file to the email address provided above.
  3. When will I receive my voucher?
    Vouchers are not emailed automatically. Our staff create them during business hours. Most vouchers ordered on weekdays are emailed within a couple hours however if you order at night or on a weekend you won't receive your voucher until the next business day.
  4. Are there any fees to purchase a gift voucher?
    No. We do not have any processing fees to purchase vouchers.
  5. Can you mail a voucher instead of email?
    Unfortunately at this stage vouchers can only be emailed. We have kept the voucher design simple so they print well from most home printers.
  6. How do I redeem my voucher?
    Vouchers can be redeemed on the Just Projectors website by adding your voucher code to the Gift Voucher box shown in the shopping cart. Vouchers can also be redeemed in person or over the phone by providing the code.
Other Important Information:
  • Promo codes/Discount vouchers cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers.
  • Vouchers must be used in 1 transaction, no change can be given.
  • Vouchers are valid for use on the www.justprojectors.com.au website for up to 3years from date of purchase.
  • To redeem a voucher please type in the provided code into the gift voucher box in the shopping cart.