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Grandview Motorised Smart Projection screen with IR Remote By Herma

Grandview Motorised Screen



Grandview Logo


gv Grandview Remote Control Roller Screens feature outstanding components to offer an exquisite and refined appearance, a smooth, quiet operation with preset limits for simple installation and operation.

Delivery: $29 Australia Wide
Includes free freight insurance!

Grandview Screen End

Grandview Colours

Grandview Motorised Smart-Screen

The Grandview Smart-Screen is designed to be clever to make your installation easy. Like always the screen has multiple mounting points and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

What's new though are the options for controlling your screen - you can choose between a 12V trigger from your projector; or integrate with a control system using RS232 commands; use the manual override switch or even the IR remote.

The best products can only be made with the best materials and the highest grade of screen fabrics. Grandview Utilizes the most professionally made screen fabrics to reflect the truest, most vivid and dynamic images.

Grandview matte white fabric is composed of 4 different layers, including a sheet of weaved fiberglass which helps stop static electricity and most importantly prevent wrinkles and waves. The screen fabric consists of a special material that helps prevent loss of light (brightness), making it compatible with almost any projector. Grandiew's screen fabrics are designed to be fire, water, and mould resistant and can be cleaned if necessary. The projection surface on the matte white screen has microdots that are made with PVC technlology. This surface helps create the best possible reflection, while advances in screen technology helps keep the screen flat and retain it;s shape and reflectiveness over longer periods of time.

Grandview Motor

Fabric Features

  • Last-long Flatness
    With four layer structure including Fiberglass, Stretchness less than 1% which ensures the long-lasting flatness
  • Sophisticated Images
    The screen material is engraved with optical microgrooves on the surface, with a resolution of more than 125 line pairs per mm. This ensures the sharpness of the projected images.
  • Colour Accuracy
    The reflected light is evenly distributed with less than 60K colour temperature difference between projection angle and reflection angle for accurate colour at any viewing angle.
  • Wide Colour Range
    With a high contrast, while maintaining the color accuracy and colour range the Grandview provides a more vivid image

Grandviews Screen Fabric

Weaved Fiberglass of the matte white fabric
The weaved Fiberglass layer of the fabric is used as a backing or backbone of the entire screen structure. With this layer Grandview screens have a stretching rate of less than 1% and a much longer life span than ordinary meterials. The fiberglass backing prevents wringling or waves due to changes in temperature, humidity or drag foces.

Grandview Delux Pull Down

Universal Bracket

Suitable for either wall mount, ceiling mount or ceiling hang. The bracket can slide horizontally at the back of the casing to match different installation positions.

Grandview Motorised Mount

  • As standard is supplied with IR Remote, 12V Trigger, Close Contact and a manual override switch.
  • Simple mechanical limit setting adjustments via the motor.
  • Install is simplified with multi fit brackets that can be installed anywhere along the length of the casing allowing for mounting to wall stud positions.
  • Brackets suit wall, ceiling or suspended installation.
  • Projection surface is Plana R.
  • Casing is extruded aluminium, finished in white.
  • IP Lan Control
  • 1.5mm 12V Trigger port.
  • External IR Cable with Jack plug 3.5mm with receiver eye.
  • Close Contact Cable Provided in the box.
  • RS232 control is available – requires control equipment.
  • Manual Switch located on the bottom of the casing (Push button), close to the Power cable outlet.

Available in both aspect ratio's, 4:3 or 16:10 (for video's and presentations), and 16:9 (widescreen for Digital television and DVD movies).

Package & Save
Buying a new projector and screen? Ask for a package discount!

What we say
The Grandview motorised screens are perfect for home movies where you would like the screen out of the way or just want something a little different than the basic fixed frame screen. The screen comes down at the press of a button on your included IR remote control.

Buy Now:

Code Aspect Diagonal Image (mm) Case (mm) Price  

GRIP084V 4:3 84" 1710X1280 1960 $939
GRIP100V 4:3 100" 2030X1520 2280 $1099
GRIP120V 4:3 120" 2400x1800 2650 $1199
GRIP150V 4:3 150" 3050x2285 3350 $2099
GRIP180V 4:3 180" 3620x2715 3920 $2699
GRIP200V 4:3 200" 4020x3015 4320 $2699

GRIP085H 16:9 85" 1880x1060 2130 $999
GRIP092H 16:9 92" 2030x1140 2280 $1099
GRIP102H 16:9 102" 2260x1270 2520 $1199
GRIP112H 16:9 112" 2480x1395 2730 $1399
GRIP120H 16:9 120" 2655x1495 2955 $1499
GRIP130H 16:9 130" 2880x1620 3175 $1749
GRIP140H 16:9 140" 3100x1745 3400 $1899
GRIP150H 16:9 150" 3320x1870 3620 $2099
GRIP160H 16:9 160" 3545x2000 3845 $2299
GRIP180H 16:9 180" 3985x2240 4285 $2599
GRIP200H 16:9 200" 4430x2490 4785 $3249

GRIP094C 16:10 94" 2025x1265 2275 $1049
GRIP103C 16:10 103" 2210x1380 2470 $1199
GRIP110C 16:10 110" 2370x1480 2620 $1299
GRIP120C 16:10 120" 2585x1615 2965 $1499
GRIP130C 16:10 130" 2800x1750 3100 $1799
GRIP140C 16:10 140" 3015x1885 3395 $1999
GRIP150C 16:10 150" 3230x2020 3530 $2199
GRIP160C 16:10 160" 3446x2155 3745 $2299
GRIP180C 16:10 180" 3877x2423 4177 $2549
GRIP200C 16:10 200" 4308x2692 4668 $3199

Optional in ceiling installation box.

The Smart-Screen now has its own dedicated HideAway above ceiling pre-installation box. Click here for more information.

PRojector Screen Wall Switch
*Additional Hidaway Box Required

Code To suit Grandview Width Price  
2560 $899
2975 $899
3360 $1269
HH6 GRIP140H , GRIP150V, GRIP140C,
3750 $1739
5000 $2999

For further on the HideAway specifications, click here



Grandview Screens Specifications

Grandview extra Large Screen
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