What is a Short Throw Projector?

The Throw Distance is a term that describes the distance a projector must be located for a given image size. The Throw Distance of a projector is advised in the specifications by the Throw Ratio (a ratio of image width vs distance). The Throw ratio is used to not only calculate the installation distance, but in reverse, can also be used to calculate what image size you can achieve when a projector is placed at a particular position.

A Short-Throw projector is one that would be positioned at a close distance relative to mainstream projectors. A common Throw Ratio of a short-throw projector would be approximately 0.5:1, meaning for an image 1 metre wide, you would place the projector 0.5m back. A typical mainstream (or standard throw) projector would sit closer to 1.5m back for the same image size. As short-throw projectors sit closer to the screen, they provide advantages such as

  • Less cabling
  • Reduced chance of persons in the room blocking the projection or casting a shadow
  • Potentially easier and/or cheaper installation costs

An Ultra Short-Throw projector is a projector that uses specially designed lenses and mirrors to create a large projection at an extremely close distance. Many ultra short throw projectors can produce images over 2.5m wide at distances of less than 40cm. These projectors usually would sit on a TV Unit directly under the screen or be installed on the wall above the projector screen. As the projection beam is hitting the screen at a high angle, we recommend to use a Fixed Frame screen while avoiding screens that roll up/down (such as motorised and pull-down screens).

ultra short throw

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