Projectors come in many shapes and sizes whether you are after something small and portable or a hefty installation machine for a large venue we will have the right tool for the job. With a wide range of home theatre projectors which are lamp based, LED, and long-life Laser we also have the right candidate for your home entertainment needs. From hard core video gaming to golf sim and outdoor entertainment we can also offer advice when you are choosing a projector.

Have a browse through some of Australia's largest projector brands to see the current offerings. If any questions feel free to contact us.

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Too many options? A bit overwhelmed? We get it!

Our staff have written detailed projector buyers guides to help you find the right projector to suit your requirements. Each Buyers Guide also includes a short list of recommended projectors we have found offer great value, reliability, and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions about everything Projectors

What is an ANSI Lumen? DLP or LCD? What is Aspect Ratio? Get all the answers on our Projector FAQ page!



Discussions, instructions, recommendations, and random thoughts on everything projectors.

Fixing signal problems, long throw vs short throw, dlp vs lcd, connecting audio, watching Netflix, and more!


Projectors Coming Soon

New projectors coming soon to the Australian Market.

Some of the newest releases in the pipeline with rough release eta's and preliminary specifications.

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